The theme of TIME came about through discussing each other’s work as friends and as a binding together of ideas for this exhibition.

Kate King

Gail de Cordova

Renée Spierdijk

Geertje Anderson

11-21 June 2010

Open every day, including Mondays

Gallery photos by CAM artist Jim Gintner

Kate King discovers the shapes of fossils as a time gone by, looking at their surface and shapes created by time. She has created a number of luminous photographs.

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Geertje Anderson has created an exciting installation of memory and time relating to her mother and herself. She has also created a photographic piece of work to do with age and the passing of time.

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Gail de Cordova worked through painting childhood landscapes in magical colours and using multilayered texture and meaning. She has also created a wonderful installation, using objects and memories from her past, using the past and the here and now to come together in time.

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Renée Spierdijk has painted a series of portraits of children of the world, inspired by old photographs and a contemporary photo where time has stood still and where timelessness and universality is present.

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