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Some charcoal drawings and oil paintings are on display at the Oak Bistro in Cambridge.

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The paintings currently on display at the Oak Bistro, Cambridge,  represent the start of a substantial new body of work based around two 17th century voyages of discovery to North America: Captain Henry Hudson (of Hudson River fame) accompanied by a literate sailor, Robert Juett. Commissioned by the Dutch East India Company, the purpose of the voyages was to seek a north-west trade passage. 

The artist Nicholas Juett discovered the existence of The Journal of Robert Juett and became interested in the story with its links to his namesake. He has spent several years researching the events and background of this astonishing early exploration.

These paintings and charcoals reflect his fascination with it.

Robert Juett was First Mate on two voyages, first on the Half Moon (1609) and then the Discovery (1611). He kept a remarkable journal during the first of these voyages. It vividly describes the sighting of the first native American Indians in Manhattan and subsequent interaction and skirmishes. The second voyage ended in mutiny and the casting adrift of Hudson, his son and others in a small boat floating on ice in the straits between Greenland and Canada. Hudson’s own records were subsequently lost and the only records of the disastrous 1611 voyage are limited notes held with London’s Star-Chamber court records. The remaining crew were tried for mutiny, sentenced and disappeared.


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Paint supplies

Jackson’s, London;
Vasari, New York;
Old Holland, Netherlands



Oil on linen, 107 x 157cm

Intro price: £2,900 each (£6,000)*


Charcoal on paper, 93 x 112cm

Intro price: £595 each (£1,000)*


Mixed media on scrap paper, assorted sizes

Intro price: £45 each (£95)*

Cam Embark

Oil on linen, approx 90cm square

Intro price:
£550 each (£1,440)*


Charcoal on paper, 56 x 76cm

Intro price:
£195 each (£480)*

* Intro prices apply until 13 July 2015, bracketed prices apply thereafter

First Phase

On this page, the artist gets intimate with the ships of the era – and the Half Moon in particular – using the river Cam as a palette to gently immerse into the subject.

Second Phase
The drama and isolation of traversing vast expanses of uncharted seas, leading ulimately to the Arctic: click hereTwo_Juetts_Second_Phase.htmlTwo_Juetts_Second_Phase.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Two Juetts

The Two Juetts series of paintings and drawings are divided into groups. Shown below are examples from each of the narrative sections of the First Phase. Many are available to purchase and commissions are undertaken: all enquiries should be addressed to or ring Chris Williams 07525 269804

Third Phase

This section, covering the final stages of the voyage, will be published at a later date

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Early Sketches
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