Two artists adopt 'twelve' as a mystical number to create twelve original works of art. 

Deanna Tyson takes her inspiration from the self-portraits of twelve artists, from Botticelli to Basquiat. Their creativity, vision and determination have fired and informed her work, the results of which are twelve outstanding studies in paper. 

John Lyons' visit to Cezanne's studio and the quarries of Bibemus, another of Cezanne's retreats, was an inspirational starting point for his recent work. 

Moved by this great artist's creative spirit of invention, he produced twelve colourful and imaginative oil paintings for this exhibition.

Gallery owner Chris Williams observes:

“We have enjoyed a startling number of exciting, groundbreaking and thought-provoking exhibitions in the past year delivered with verve and gusto by some of Cambridge’s most passionate and influential artists. TWELVE promises (and, I can tell you for a fact, delivers) a stunning body of work that is unprecedented in this much-loved gallery’s short-but-meteroic history. I urge every art-loving Cambridge resident (and everyone else within 100 miles) to get here before 15 September and slap a red dot onto their favourite work pronto”.

3 - 15 September 2010

Open every day, except Mondays

Private View

Friday 3 September 6-8pm
(CAMarades from 5pm)

A taste of the gallery views: