Stopping by Woods


Starts Friday 5 - 17 March

Private Views 4 March and 17 March 6-8pm

Open Tuesdays - Sundays until 17 March

Neil Warmsley calls himself a painter/sketcher. His work is figurative and taken mostly from local observational studies. Largely self-taught , he works in a variety of mediums: screen prints, etchings, pencil, oil and acrylic. Born in Upminster, Essex in 1962, he has lived in Cheshire and Sussex, working at a variety of jobs, mostly as a chef. In 1988 he moved to Cambridge and settled to his career in gardening, which complements and inspires his painting.

Jane Commin is a South African-born artist and illustrator who moved to the UK in 2007 and currently works at her St Barnabas Press studio in Cambridge. She trained in Fine Art, English Language and Literature and also FET Teaching in English and Visual Art. She has been practising as an artist and illustrator for 9 years. Jane’s paintings are inspired by nature: rocks, shells, water, overturned trees and roots, she is fascinated by the beautiful twisted, interwoven abstract shapes within natural forms and relishes the bold, bright colours. She also enjoy working with the human form. Over time her work has evolved from tight realism to a looser, more lyrical style.

Sue Slegg is a ceramicist but her work almost defies description: her pieces are subtle, organic, surreal and strangely beautiful.  She works with clay and creates shapes that quietly demand close inspection. Many are smoked to create ‘airbrushed’ marks on the surface, some may have a small amount of colour added.

Rebecca Ilett is a jeweller and the only CAM member to cross the divide between jewellery design and fine artist.  Her works are all unique, with organic subjects preserved for ever in silver and other precious materials.

From Artisan to Artist

A full-time gardener swaps his spade for a paint brush when he shows his latest paintings on 4th March at the CAM Gallery, Gwydir Street. And what could be more appropriate as his subject matter than trees?  Winter may be depressing but it is a good time to observe and paint these beautiful natural objects. It is also a subject matter that appeals to the many people who visit the CAM gallery on a weekly basis.

And so four members of CAM, the Cambridge Arts Movement, are hosting an exhibition in celebration of tree spaces. This event, ‘Stopping by Woods’, spans the point at which winter turns into spring and our mood becomes lighter and more optimistic.

This web gallery is just a small selection of the works on show.

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