Rosemary Catling


I completed an MA in Printmaking and my practice has moved on from purely digital work to combining this with etching. My work originates from a personal image, which is altered or degraded by scanning, manipulating and layering. The outcome is a digital print, a traditional etching, a monotype, or sometimes a combination. I use figures of children in frozen action, out of context, jumping fearlessly, totally involved in the moment. Only the observer is aware of the possible danger.The anxiety that underlies daily life in a fast changing world is what I try to convey. Etching on steel with its unpredictable results seems conceptually appropriate.

In the swimming images of myself, there is the personal memory of the actual experience. The figure is isolated and insecure in an unfamiliar element. Water could be read as a metaphor for life. Multiple layering hints at the presence of the past within the present and the consciousness of the individual amongst the mass. I have sometimes included clichéd symbols of the ephemeral, like the rainbow or butterflies with their multiple meanings, as logos, to puncture the solemnity. A memento mori perhaps.