Nicola Powys


Thoughts on creativity:

The process of making a piece of art is more important to me than the final result, so the work reflects my state of mind at any one time and as such has little continuity as a body.

Three things have become apparent:

• I am more comfortable with the authenticity of found supports, relating to the transience and impermanence of experience.

• I love light, shadow and movement and try to achieve this in my mark-making.

• I work fast, trying to imbue a piece with an energy and I like to work on a large scale.

I have exhibited and sold work in Europe, the United States, and had gallery representation in London, Nice and San Francisco, but my career as a painter was interrupted by family commitments. I now teach vocational learning at Comberton Village College – something I love as being with the kids inspires my own practice.

I have long been involved in Art projects in the community - anything from setting up Artist-run studios to working with the Women's Resource Centre and organising exhibitions with CAF. I worked for eight years as a practising artist in France where I also ran workshops and taught Creative thinking. Teaching and learning with and from people is what my practice thrives on.

Following a residency at ARU in 2010 I am pleased to be more involved with the art scene in Cambridge and especially with CAM at Williams Art.

My next large exhibition is in Luxembourg in 2011.

Nicola Powys

Nicola joined CAM in January 2011.