Nicholas Juett

Two Steps Beyond

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27 July - 20 August 2013

Showing as part of
Cambridge Open Studios

Unique paintings in oils depicting a universal theme – to be human in 2013.

Not seen before, Nick’s recreation from pictures painted one decade ago shares with us a new take on those past colourful interiors – and an evolved painting style. These pictures reveal how as individuals we occupy space. By simply existing in it there is no need for exactness, and instead he’s painted for us a vague sense of space (holistic rather than specific). Not so new a tradition because many artists come to mind who have explored this theme, yet it warrants a revisit in 2013.

By moving away from painting his hallmark vibrant local streets towards his world of interiors, the artist offers both a smaller, less epic, and calmer representation. Once vibrant and more literal depiction of rooms painted ten years ago undergo a transformation. Smaller in scale, a blur of soft flesh-like tones capture that world – a thumbnail version, because as a mature artist he can now do this. 

In these new ‘copies’ he has dispensed with the bulky old TV sets and he has also undressed the figures. Revealed are the typical ‘life class’ posed positions, an art tradition unnatural to norms of nudity (nude poses drawn observing a professional model at The Art Students League in New York, 2000.)

Nick has tweaked these decade old naked model poses in favour of an appearance more naturalistic, documented in eighteen interiors on a modest scale of 61 x 51 cm.


During the first two weekends of Cambridge Open Studios Nick will be exhibiting his new and intimate paintings alongside those older colourful interiors. The location as ever remains 96 King Street, in the centre of town, at ‘DPA/once’ architects’ offices. (As resident artist, Nick also maintains a permanent window display showing whatever art is on his mind and well worth a visit.)

On view July 6/7 and 13/14 alongside the new work will be one or two 2003 interiors of the modern world: in these, TV screens are blank, ready for us to choose what we want to see, while in the background scenes of man-made vehicles in outer space tempt us to go beyond the confines of our small worlds. Each room is occupied by a lone figure dressed in military costume of past Empire days.

Each room is loosely copied from journal-photography as seen in World of Interiors, a London based magazine

On the fourth and last weekend of COS, the show will expand and move to Williams Art. All available interiors both past and present exhibited alongside the following: four medium sized framed pastel studies measuring 57 x 49 cm; all eighteen gouache working studies measuring 19 x 24 cm; and watercolour landscapes (used to copy into each interior window view).

At the close of COS this exhibition will remain at Williams Art until 20 August. All work is for sale if not already sold.

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