Nicholas Juett

Muzeum a Muzeumban (Museum in a Museum)

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In 2010, Nicholas Juett exhibited a one-man show at Szeged’s Contemporary Museum of Art - Sezeged is one of Cambridge’s two twinned cities.

This exhibition was part funded by the Szeged municipal council and featured studies by Nicholas of the architecture of Cambridge and Szeged. Oil paintings, charcoals and pastel drawings on the walls, and masking tape on the floor to outline the streets of Szeged.

Many of the pieces were painted to allow new phone technology to read bar codes (QR). Some paintings were also painted to allow visitors to interact using their phones’ cameras: images were in negative, sepia and black-and-white.

Nicholas attended in the role of ambassador representing the twin city relationship where he gave talks and gave interviews on radio and TV.

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