Nicholas Juett


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The exhibition, entitled Paintings 1998-1999 Forever, was a series of works created by Nicholas Juett in New York City.

The exhibition toured Croatia, opening in Zagreb at the Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery and then was expanded to include drawings in Cakovec, at the Centar za Kulturu. The gallery director Branko Franceschi and Juett were interviewed for radio, television and the newspapers. 

An introduction to the artist was written by writer/producer Nicholas Klein. His most recent Wim Wenders movie Million Dollar Hotel was shown in Europe in the previous summer. He followed Juett's artistic development from Los Angeles to New York.

The exhibition finished at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in London.

A selection of the drawings were selected for the 2002 Fifteenth International Triennial of Drawing held at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka.

"There are painters who express their observation of reality through so called representation. There are painters who express their feelings and or attitude toward reality through abstracting its literal form. There are those who combine these approaches.

What is perhaps most arresting about Juett's work is the multifarious mischief with which he represents through abstraction and abstracts through representation. The sleight of hand with which he aggrandizes the familiar and captures the mysterious.

Not simply flirting with the slippery perimeter between realism and impression, he actually weaves a complex, ironic and yet never cynical phantasmagoria of the world as we experience it. Mr. Juett employs an ever morphing panoply of distant memories, punctuated by familiar objects. He reexamines and reinvents as if by dipping and stretching his carefully chosen elements through a mire of social, sexual and psychological contexts as if to reveal their hidden personalities and alter egos.

To enter a Juett painting is to relinquish willingly, one's childish dependency on the illusion of superficial logic and the visual language it uses to subdue us."

Nicholas Klein, writer/producer