New Work:

James Ward

Agata Jasinska


James Ward 

New Work 2010

My New Work consists of a series of paintings and drawings on paper, board and wood exploring ideas of change and impermanence. By using abstract and figurative subject matter with a variety of accidental and deliberate marks, I make images that try to reflect this reality.

When my work is hanging in a public space, I think too much explanation gets in the way. I want the viewer to let the busy mind rest in order to allow a quieter gaze to come through. In this way I hope the viewer will see if the art has something to communicate to them.

Words can only act as labels for the things they refer to. Their relationship to the reality they describe is like that between railway tracks, connected but never touching. An artwork has a similar relationship to its subject, and so occupies a parallel space. As viewers we must navigate between the lines. 


Agata Jasinska  

New Work  2010


After more than 10 years of expressing myself through black & white photography, my creative path has naturally progressed into something new, equally ending my dialogue with the camera (at least for the time being) and starting interesting conversations with pencil, charcoal and brush. 


I have welcomed this change with gratitude and excitement, as in recent years I felt restricted by the photographic medium, although my attempts to paint or draw during that time would still end with frustration. Now, I have come to understand that things manifest in a person’s life only when the person is ready to receive them.


My new work is a reflection of my experiencing life, and experience of life. Its rather abstract nature possibly derives from my belief in the illusory nature of things. Additionally, as Wassily Kandinsky once said, I trust that “There is no must in art because art is free”. 


28 May - 9 June

Private View 27 May 6-8pm