New Blood

5 - 17 April

Open every day, except Mondays

New Blood list of exhibited work.pdf

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New Blood list of exhibited work.pdf


CAM @ Williams Art is pleased to present NEW BLOOD, a group exhibition that presents seven artists who are all new members to CAM.

Nicola Powys: The four works chosen for this show reflect Nicola's current preoccupation with surface texture and mark making. The figure is the basis for all her work, but in this case is barely apparent.

" I find the regularity and distribution of marks soothing in this, a more frenetic time in my life" she says. " Although I draw from Life regularly, the painting is becoming more abstract as my interest in working on found and contrasting materials grows".

Nicola will be participating in Open Studios this year and exhibiting in a solo show in Luxembourg in September.

Susie Olczak explores space, light, perspective and form through sculpture, drawing, photography and illustration. Predominately the focus is on how the viewer experiences space. However it is influenced by minimalism, geometry, light, balance and architecture which often become components to each piece.

Nicki Power:  My work consistently draws on Gaelic landscape to explore my identity. The collection of objects here show how I use art making to help me think about the meaning of culture and place. The folklore of Ireland fascinates me - from the legend of the temptress hare to the anglicisation of Gaelic place names in Brian Friel's play 'Translations'.

Robjn: My work is mostly spontaneous to start with, then laboured with detail and general fussiness. I work with lots of media from screenprinting and printmaking, to the digital graphic arts and video. My website says more in work than I can in words.

Sue Law: The body and its relationship to the space that surrounds it inspire my sculpture.  Absence and Presence are recurrent themes within my work as these sculptures are the physical depiction of the negative space around the figure. Using Adobe Illustrator I have developed images that have been laser cut from Perspex to create an installation describing the events of a ‘Girls Night Out’. This piece is a comment on the current binge drinking culture. I have also used the solid substantial physicality of bronze and the light delicacy of plaster bandage to describe the negative space around the exquisite curves of the figure.

Catherine Cleary paints and draws to convey a sensation of imaginings. Part sensation and part emotion, an imagining is a crystallized instant from the imagination that draws to itself many sorts of reference and experience; image and phrase, film and music, concept and literature, myth and fable as well as physical and emotional stimuli. The act of painting speaks to the imagining, which in turn talks back to the paint – it can be a lively dialogue.  Allowing the surface to dictate its own logic, embracing change and accident, gives the imagining life and voice.

Wesley Stanford: I've been pursuing photography seriously since the end of 2008 when I started a long trip to Asia, which has taken me to many inspiring and wonderful places. I felt compelled to document these. As a Photographer, but more importantly as a human, I’m on a quest of discovery, one of purpose and substance. I'm looking to capture an essence of beauty and pureness in every photo that I take.