From Quilting Bees
to QR Codes

Nancy Fève Quilts

7 - 12 June 2011

Private View 7 June 5-8pm

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All the way from Washington DC, Williams Art is proud to present an exhibition of extraordinary quilts by Nancy Fève. 

A lifelong sewing enthusiast, Nancy Fève found a new vocation exploring the artistic possibilities of quiltmaking with kaleidoscopic piecing techniques, and sharing these discoveries with others through workshops, trunk shows and a quilt diaspora from France to California.

Bonnie Cotier, a friend, former sewing student and Nancy’s website desiger, was struck by the patterns of QR codes and encouraged Nancy to design a quilt that is a functional QR Code.

Sponsored by Golden Dog, this show is a celebration of the artistry in Nancy Fève’s quilts and the life and vision of Bonnie Cotier.

“Since my first quilt show in 2006, I have continued to explore the effects of radiant symmetry, in both figurative blocks, representing flowers, leaves and fireworks, and in “blockless” abstract quilts built from hexagons and octagons. This continuing fascination has more recently been joined by an interest in both latent patterns, created by judicious placement and combination of traditional blocks, and the use of such blocks as vehicles for color study. New uses for traditional blocks and the changing aspect of colors according to their surroundings now vie with radiant symmetry for studio time.”