Loukas Morley and Ben John:

(un)fortunate circumstance


It has been more than four years since we have had the opportunity to view a joint exhibition of new work between local artists Loukas Morley and Ben John in Cambridge.

In this exhibition, both Morley and John capture and unravel those moments that question how particular circumstances arose. The extension of historical trajectories is explicit within the work. It is, however, the inference of fate and to what extent identities and futures are fixed and determined by circumstances, that is most beautifully portrayed here. The ideas of destiny and chance call into question the extent to which humans, gods, and objects collide to create our worlds. In this momentary coming together they depict the worlds between what exists and what does not exist and question what circumstance allows.

15 DEC 2012 – 8 JAN 2013


Friday 4 Jan 2013  6pm – 8pm; brief talk at 6:30pm


Loukas Morley and Ben John have collaborated for almost 25 years now.

Having studied art in Newport, Gwent, Loukas Morley transforms found objects into eloquent and structured narratives. His eye for detail reflects the influence of artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Franz Kline and Diet Sayler.

Ben John studied Fine Art at Falmouth Art College. His striking paintings and characteristic mark making bear reference to painters Cy Twombly, Francis Bacon and David Hockneys’ early works.

Morley and John have exhibited in Cornwall, London, Yorkshire and the United States and are represented in national and international private collections.

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