Moos & Blues


Alison Litherland and Maureen Mace met as fellow members of Cambridge Arts Movement at Williams Art in Gwydir St. They discovered their paintings embraced similar themes – cows, colours and a quirky approach to landscape. They both take their environment as their inspiration, but interpret it very differently. Maureen combines her love of the Cambridge colleges with the cows that inhabit the city to produce a slightly whimsical take on town and gown. Alison incorporates cows into her painterly drippy landscapes, giving them a slightly surreal air of disjunction from their environment. Coming together for their exhibition, Moos and Blues, has produced an exciting combination of two very different styles. In preparation for this exhibition Alison and Maureen and fellow CAM artists have created a splendid 3D cow on Midsummer Common watched by the iconic Cambridge red poll cattle. This cow provides the centrepiece for the exhibition.

19 - 29 November 2010

Open every day, except Mondays

Private View 19 November 18:00 - 20:00

Meet the artists on Saturday 27 Nov 2-5pm