1-13 May 2012

The connections that Loukas Morley creates in his work, line to line, material to material, spill out from that core in this exhibition; the borders between fine art and design are transcended, and visual dialogue is given the spotlight.

Eithne Fisher and Loukas Morley

The conversation between Eithne and Loukas began when they met at a workshop focused on visual response to music (which Loukas was facilitating as part of his exhibition in 2011 at the Babylon Gallery).  Eithne appreciated the opportunity for spontaneous intuitive work and suggested that Loukas and herself continue the process as a visual exchange between themselves. The dialogue was begun by Eithne, who painted the first board and passed it to Loukas who had a week to elaborate on a new board, respond and return a second image.  This linear process lasted for 16 weeks and when Loukas painted the final board, each artist held eight images painted by the other. This exhibition brings all of them together.

Eithne explains that the beauty of this way of working is that the “possibilities are greater than in a conversation with words” as the inbuilt specificity of words does not apply to a visual conversation. The exhibition shares their method of elaboration through conversation.

Brendan Young and
Vanessa Battaglia

Brendan and Vanessa's designs are clearly produced by people who look at the world through a different telescope. The pair collaborate over the intercom in their home, working separately but constantly in touch, to create their unique and playful interior design products.

They aim to be inspired by Loukas and Eithne's "conversation": adopting their spontaneous and intuitive method, Brendan and Vanessa will try to integrate and combine it with their own usual design working process.

The exhibition will act as an intersection between art and design, as the connections between the work of all four artists are displayed, and perpetuated through live - in-gallery work and conversation. Each artist will have their own small-scale studio space within the gallery, providing the opportunity to trade on each other’s style, ideas and, perhaps, come up with something new.



Loukas Morley

In Conversation

EF-LM dialogueEithne_Fisher_-_Loukas_Morley_Dialogue.html

Left and below: a visual conversation between Eithne Fisher and Loukas Morley over 16 weeks and is shown for the first time in this exhibition

Right: white book wallpaper by Young and Battaglia

Right: decorative table made from a wooden chair seat by Loukas Morley

Below: Sistine lampshade by Young and Battaglia

Private View
Friday 4 May 6–8pm

Closing Party
Sunday 13 May 4–6pm

Two of Loukas Morley’s paintings can also be found at Nord in Bridge Street, Cambridge (click logo below)

Click here for the Loukas/Eithne Conversation PDFLoukas_Morley___In_Conversation_files/Morley%20Fisher%20In%20Conversation%20list%20May%202012.pdf

Work in Progress

Irish Yews (Taxus baccatta fastigiata) were planted around the 1930’s and were part of the construction of the formal design close to the main house at Anglesey Abbey.

The yew stump on display was removed to enable a new pathway system for accessing the front of the house as the older pathway made its way through where large Atlantic Cedars are in position. These Atlantic Cedars began to be unsafe as in their maturity they begin to shed branches: they are too majestic to remove so it was decided to create an alternative route, hence the Yew was removed.

Limited Edition giclée prints of Loukas and Eithne’s 16 ‘Conversation’ paintings are available to order:

please contact the gallery during opening hours or click here to email your interest