Karen Frances Eng


Karen Eng makes images with anything that catches her eye, but she is particularly drawn to capturing people wherever she encounters them. Her portraits seek to convey an intimacy about the people she photographs, as well as their place in the world, their emotional state, their relationship to their immediate environment and, finally, to the photographer. In the spirit of connection, many of the portraits here were taken as part of an ongoing project called 100 Strangers, where contact is established with a stranger ahead of a shoot.

In addition to personal and commissioned work, Karen's photos have been published in both locally and internationally distributed periodicals. 

Images are available in various sizes and as framed and unframed prints.

"Whether the subject is a cup of coffee, family, friends or strangers, Karen seems to capture the joys of life in so many of her photos. My favorite are her portraits – she seems to have a magical ability to get people to relax, which allows her to capture that look or expression that makes you feel as if you know the person. ... guaranteed to make you smile."

Michelle Lew

Photo credit: Xo Mai Eng-Mann

Karen joined CAM in April 2010