John Lyons

Selected Retrospective 1


Open Tuesdays - Sundays 12 - 28 May 2010

Private View 15 May 6-8pm

Short poetry reading by John

‘Carnival - A Serious Ting’

Artist statement

“The works in this exhibition are a small selection from a larger body of work executed from the late 1960s to the 1980s, a substantial quantity of which has been sold to private collectors. What is seen here is a taste of a more ambitious retrospective exhibition spanning fifty years, for which a larger exhibition space is sought, hopefully under the auspices of Williams Art.

“There comes a time in the development of a painter’s career when, for the further evolution of ideas and artistic concerns, a retrospective exhibition would be a useful venture. In my view, it could be a positive, learning experience to see in a chronological display in one place where one has come from and where one is going artistically. I should draw psychological strength from this experience and continue painting with a new élan.

“I must confess it is somewhat daunting baring one’s artistic soul in a retrospective exhibition. At best, all I could hope for from colleagues and a viewing public is an understanding and an appreciation of what I am about as an artist.”

John Lyons

May 2010

Self Portrait 1984

Free Speech 1982

Controlling The Pain 1979

The Couch 1980

Becoming Nude 1980

Please note that most the 24 works on display have not been photographed so we have been unable to create a web gallery.