Joanna Autumn Walker


Joanna Autumn Walker is a new media artist based in Cambridgeshire. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in Asia, Europe and the U.S, including an artist fellowship in Japan.  

Her artistic practice is inspired by our connectivity with nature and biological systems. She examines mortality through expressing emotional states of fragility, loss and hope.

Her art ranges from  digital art and  photography, to video and 3D animation and interactive video installation. She creates enigmatic landscapes, conceptual architectural topologies, abstracts, organisms and figurative works. Pervading the artistic practice is an exploration of thresholds and boundaries through layering, modes of transparency and transformative states of exposure and enclosure.

In the creation of the digital artworks she uses a variety of techniques fusing digital photography, 3D animation, and freehand digital painting. The digital imagery resides in the ambiguity between the virtual and the real, figurative and abstract, through the creation of synthetic territories and intangible organisms. Her photographic work is also centred upon the natural world, from macro shots of  water droplets to seascapes. She explores natural processes and duration, capturing fleeting moments of light, reflection, movement, colour and texture. Her portraiture aims to capture the essence of identity.

The artworks are limited edition giclée prints on a variety of media, cotton paper, canvas and multiple layers of film and acrylic and are available in a variety of sizes.