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28 October - 17 November 2010

Open every day except Monday

Special Preview

for Friends and Staff of The Fitzwilliam Museum and CAM members only:

Wednesday 27 October 18:00 - 20:00

Special guests Kate Carreno, Assistant Director, Central Services and Julia Tozer, Head of Education, The Fitzwilliam Museum.

Official opening by the City Mayor, Cllr Sheila Stuart at 6:45pm.

Private View

Friday 29 October 18:00 - 20:00

Participating artists:

Alexandra Drysdale

Gail de Cordova

John Lyons

Tess Recordon

Deanna Tyson

Nicholas James Juett

Geertje Anderson

Rosemary Catling

Jill Ogilvy

Robert Good

Valerie Sims

Chrissie Havers

Jean Vincent

Alison Litherland

Rebecca Ilett

Sue Rapley

David Brown

Neil Warmsley

Loukas Morley

Joanna Autumn Walker

Jess Sutton

Maureen Mace

Nick Ellis

More than twenty artists from the Cambridge Arts Movement have made work that is inspired by their favourite art and objects in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

These Fitz Favourites range from far and wide across the Fitzwilliam collections, from Egyptian coffins to Persian ceramics, from Dutch to Venetian paintings.

We all have our favourites in the Fitzwilliam that we return to again and again, and delight in sharing our enthusiasm with friends. This exhibition is a fascinating display of the artistic imagination at work, transforming art from the past into something new in the present.

Download the online catalogue (5MB) with full artists’ statements and artwork detailsFitz_Favourites_files/Fitz_Favourites_web_catalogue%20r1.pdf