Experiments in Print

18 - 27 November 2011

Private View

Saturday 19 November 4-7pm


An exciting exhibition of prints and video installations using innovative approaches developed by the digital artists and fine art printmakers, Joanna Autumn Walker and David Brown.

Joanna Autumn Walker

Joanna Autumn Walker is a new media artist based in Cambridgeshire. Her artistic practice ranges over digital fine art printmaking, photography, 3D animation, video art and interactive video installation. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in Asia, Europe and the U.S, including a 6 month fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Media, Art and Science in Japan.

Pervading her practice is an exploration of intangible thresholds and the manipulation of the perception of space. She is inspired by the natural world, biological systems and modes of transformation. The digital imagery she creates resides in the ambiguity of the virtual and real, the figurative and abstract.

Works Exhibited

The Oblique

Joanna presents the video installation The Oblique. This is a crystallised version of the interactive video installation of The Evolving Oblique which has been exhibited internationally (in Japan, Korea, Czech Republic and Sweden).  Centred upon the theme of transformative nature The Evolving Oblique fuses abstract landscape and architectural forms into topologies: the embodied monochrome imagery floats as dynamic membranes and forms mutate. 


Expressing fragility and transience, the Ephemera series are digital fine art prints created by the fusion of photography, 3D modelling and digital painting, to form ambiguous enigmatic landscapes.

David Brown

David Brown is a digital artist and printmaker based in Cambridge. He has built on his experience as a mathematician in biological research, developing new imaging techniques for printmaking and digital animation. For example, the techniques he has developed for conversion of tone into line result in a rich gamut of image styles. His subjects are frequently associated with perception: of personality in portraiture, of space in architecture, of colour and form in abstract images. His works have been exhibited and collected widely in the UK and abroad.

Works Exhibited

The video installation, Hera Sleeping  (about the Greek Goddess Hera, and a Greek temple at Paestum associated with her) illustrates David’s use of novel computational techniques to develop diverse approaches to imaging, here in the contexts of portraiture and architecture.

He accompanies the installation with fine art prints of architectural subjects, abstract designs,and portraits.  

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