David Brown


an exhibition of

by the Cambridge artist

7 - 18 Nov 2013


This exhibition, named after David Brown’s prize-winning print series, has two overlapping themes: abstracts, and prints inspired by architecture. 

The origin of the Metamorphosis series of abstract prints was a Moorish architectural pattern seen on the walls of the Alhambra in Granada. By making alterations in a single aspect, this initial pattern - a simple and repetitive design - explodes into an astonishing diversity of forms, forms reminiscent of clusters of tiny stars, of rays stretching off to infinity, of mysterious sea-creatures, and much more besides.

Brown studied fine art printmaking and art history at the Cambridge School of Art, and digital art at the University of the Arts, London. Previously, he worked as a mathematician in biological research. This scientific and mathematical background remains important both in his novel and complex printmaking methods, and in several artistic projects. Some works have their origins in scientific projects or concepts; others have been commissioned by scientific institutions. The perception of colour is another preoccupation.

A passion for architecture is also a mainspring of Brown’s art. This passion can be seen at work in the abstract Metamorphosis series, with its architectural starting point, and also more transparently in several figurative works in the exhibition. Even here, a tendency to emphasise the abstract structure is evident. For example, changes in surface texture or colour rendering alter the viewer’s perception, selectively highlighting or differentiating key features.

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Detail from Metamorphosis 24

Detail from Metamorphosis 26

Detail from 30 Sty Mary Axe

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