David Brown


I am an artist printmaker, with a diversity of interests and styles. One interest which drives my art is perception, particularly the quirks and powers of our ways of seeing: in particular, how do we read space and colour? Many of my prints are abstract, exploring these phenomena without the traditional cues we usually rely on. My figurative works are mainly architectural - celebrating buildings I particularly like - and portraits.

I studied digital art at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and fine art printmaking and art history at the Cambridge School of Art. Previous to this, I worked as a mathematician in biology, and have an interest in the relationship between visual art, science and mathematics. Though I use a variety of techniques, my work is predominantly digital, and I have been developing new methods of digital printmaking using the JAVA programming language.

My work has appeared in exhibitions in London and elsewhere. I am a member of the committee of the Printmakers Council.