Catherine Cleary


Each work begins as an Imagining, a crystallised instant from the imagination. This is not a thought. It is part sensation and part emotion. Coming before image and words, it soars above language even as it burrows beneath it.

As each work develops in the mind, the Imagining attaches itself to the visual and the verbal. Shifting and groping it draws together particles of reference, sensation and sensory data to form a visual idea. These particles come from many and various sources; they include image and phrase, film and music, concept and literature, myth and fable. These coalescent references give an overall, contingent image that is taken to the canvas.

This process driven work is also, in part, a history of chance and accident. Ordering and shaping the accidental image by the use of paint, the sum and synthesis of steering a sequence of accidents allows a drawing out of figural forms from the surface of the canvas.

Catherine lives and works close to Cambridge. She has exhibited widely in London and Russia. Catherine has reconnected with the art world after an interruption to raise a young family and has recently completed an MA with Distinction at City and Guilds of London Art School.