When CAM was just a few weeks old in the summer of 2009, the members of CAM were given a seemingly simple brief: create a self-portrait. The result is a body of work that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Cambridge is home to some of the best artists of our time.

Every one of the 30 images in CAMaraderie was created specifically for this exhibition, using a simple A3 MDF panel.


To encourage artists or those with artistic flair to get involved with CAM by making their own self-portrait, we offered a first prize of £150 to spend on art materials at Tindalls, Cambridge’s artist shop located in King Street. The winner, and two runners-up, were also  awarded CAMarade membership for 6 months, worth £25.


Linden Ford (left)

Runners-up were Henri Schmitt and James Kirkbride.

Thanks and congratulations to all who took part.