Art Duo


Alexandra Drysdale

Stations of the Cross

Over a two year period I made fourteen pastel drawings that follow the traditional series of the Stations of the Cross. The Stations represent the most significant moments in Jesus’ final journey from the time he is condemned to death to when he is buried in the tomb.

I was drawn to the subject because it enabled me to create images about suffering and not just from the victim’s point of view but also from the perpetrator, the friends of the victim, and the silent witnesses. In order to empathize with the story I recognized that I myself play all the roles.


31 March - 14 April 2010

Private View 31 March 6-8pm

Meet the Artists Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April

Nicholas James Juett

Museum in a Museum

I’ve completed an epic painting of the Reök Museum located not in Budapest but the Hungarian city of Szeged, a city twinned with Cambridge.  I used my Nokia N95 to capture my subject then translating this into not only an oil painting but also an installation.  The interactive nature of the planned show also includes floor maps, using masking tape to echo the city street layout. 

I also photographed this key painting with skewed perspectives and inverted colours, to create a further series of images on multiple canvases.  These can be manipulated again if photographed by the viewer's own camera.  Please bring your phone/camera along to Williams Art Cambridge and to Szeged Hungary!

The show tours to Hungary this summer.