beauty spots

Perceptions of
modern beauty

Through a series of entrancing paintings, prints and installations Marcus Nisbet and Loukas Morley make a new commitment in contemporary art to the fundamental principle of beauty.

Nisbet and Morley reject the idea that beauty in art is irrelevant or escapist. 

They invite us to see beauty as an essential response to the everyday world, an imaginative coming together of object and viewer.  A mangled shopping basket, a demolition site, a walk round a hospital complex become the focus of an intensely personal response to modernity and change.

Nisbet and Morley's recent work draws on their own city of Cambridge. Unfettered by its traditional image, they seek to explore all aspects of the city in its daily reality. Their work faces up to human disorder and self-destruction; ultimately their invitation to us is to see beauty as an essential starting point for human invention and renewal.

16 - 28 April 2010

Preview 15 April 6-8pm

Open Tuesdays - Sundays until 28 April

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