Williams Art changed...

Since first opening its doors in Dale’s Brewery, Cambridge, in September 2007, Williams Art has mounted more than 100 unique and exciting exhibitions and shown well in excess of 4000 diverse works of art by Cambridge's finest artists (and a few from beyond our borders). The exhibiting artists have benefited from the ‘back-off-curation’ that WA has afforded them, allowing them free rein to show what ‘high street’ galleries would have turned their noses up at. Unfortunately this highly principled and democratic model was extremely costly to run without public funding, and WA has only survived thanks to the support of its regular customers and a small number of benefactors and supporters.

In January 2015, we ceased using Dale’s Brewery as an exhibition venue.

About Williams Art

Williams Art showcased the finest established and emerging artists from Cambridge and beyond.

We curated exhibitions at locations in and around Cambridge, and focused our efforts on providing a bespoke art service for customers.

Founder Chris Williams has now retired from the world of art but continues to doodle (as he has done since childhood), turning his bizarre humour into greeting cards available through another website: www.williamsart.cards