Anglia Ruskin University

MA Printmakers

Portable: Affordable

1 - 12 Feb 2013

Private View Wed 6 Feb 6-8pm


This exhibition exposes the passions of twelve very talented printmakers at the pinnacle of their studies who are exploring the ‘envelope’ of printmaking, a fecund art that is in quiet turmoil since the advent of easily acquirable software and inkjet printers.

Alongside the new techniques here is an equally quiet ‘anti-revolution’ championed by some these artists, forgoing the obvious immediacy of the digital revolution for the more hands-on and tactile methods of their predecessors. Mark-making in a reproducible form has captivated artists for centuries yet still it heralds excitement and a simple pleasure whenever we witness it at its most creative.

This selection of work is the first public group show by these artists outside the hallowed halls of the Ruskin Gallery, an opportunity to acquire fine prints and support the artists: prints are for sale, and profits will go directly to supporting the artists.

Here’s what Anglia Ruskin University says of the course the participating artists are concluding:

This course is designed for creative practitioners who wish to transform their visual practice through an engagement with print media. It offers the opportunity to extend and deepen your creative research within a supportive and critically informed environment. As a Masters student, you will formulate a creative proposal towards a sustained programme of visual print research. Our course is delivered through individual studio practice supported by one-to-one tutorials, workshops, seminars, presentations and lectures. Your individual practice will be developed through an engagement with critical and theoretical dialogue and supported by lectures, seminars and tutorials by specialist academic staff and leading professionals within the field.

Here is just a very small selection of works: